About gROw

gROw is an organic expression of my life. From a young age, I have partnered in the spirituality dance. The product of a sacred love affair, I was raised in the country with my two soul sisters surrounded by lakes, forests, and animals.

My father meditated twice daily, my mother rose before dawn to celebrate her faith, and my uncle would grace us with cutting edge spiritual offerings from the West Coast. It is no coincidence, then, that I eventually found my way to a yoga mat after the birth of our girls 18 years ago. My first savasana was so riveting that I knew I had found an outlet for my life's passion.

My dream is to create a community where like-hearted souls come together to thrive in the fullness of our wellness. My aim is to share experiences that support our most noble conduct off the mat, where we may revel in walking the high road together.

Formal certifications:

MA, Occupational Therapy, NYU
E-RYT, Kripalu Yoga
RCYT, YogaEd
HG Practitioner Coach, Handel Group® Life Coaching

I have been blessed with the gift to study and train extensively with elite yoga teachers, life coaches, and esoteric healers around the world. I feel, however, that my greatest credential is my life story.

A special thank you to Devarshi Steven Hartman, Premshakti Mary Stout, Ally Bogard, Elena Brower, Seane Corn, Susan Malcolm, and Pramatma Siri Sadhana. Most importantly, thank you to my main teachers: my "messes", my husband, our girls, our dogs, my parents, my sisters, Uncle John, my daily yoga and meditation practice, and the woods.

gROw is a proud sponsor of Seva.org. Seva's vision: a world free of blindness. They provide meaningful gifts that restore sight and transform lives, cause near and dear to my heart.