About Robin

Photo Credit Arturo Evaristo

My childhood flowed with an innocent, wholesome, “twinkle in the eye” wonder.  My free spirited nature led me on some amazing adventures as a: master tree climber, expert fort builder, barefoot grass twirler, fearless horseback rider, and lake swimmer, to name a few.


At 18 years old, while on a family vacation, I witnessed my mother experience an accident that caused major head trauma. For the next 19 years, I floundered. I fell prey to addictions, unrelenting fear, and limited beliefs about myself and the world.

I began the ascent toward freedom when yoga and I found each other in 2003. Now, 53 years old and flourishing, I've come to understand that my years of floundering were vital for the cultivation of my life's purpose. I bow to my floundering and honor my transgressions. I focus on choices that serve my highest Self. Best of all, I see and feel the wonder around me again - my free-spiritedness from childhood is making a magical appearance.

I live what I teach and coach. I see myself and our community in a learning relationship about life with each other, evolving to stand reverently on our own two feet. We still wobble, but with less frequency and intensity. We learn together how to embrace our humanity and take responsiblity for our lives.

My prayer is that we willingly experience a deep connection and aliveness within ourselves, cultivate the compassion that grows from there, and spread it to our families and beyond.