Lisa S.

"Our weekend was perfect for me. It felt so "cohesive". Your work is such a key component. We can talk as much as we want about vulnerability but it only ever really happens when people are willing to be the first to show theirs. I can't thank you enough, Robin." (from our spring Berkshire's Retreat)

Melissa K.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You are amazing, Robin. The way you talk about all of this work and are explaining and walking with me through this process and are helping me be my highest and best self...I am blessed."

Rona F.

“If you have been in the presence of someone expressing their gift you have felt the their radiant energy; Robin so fully embraces and embodies the teachings of yoga, you can't help but absorb her light.  She has ignited in me a passion for yoga, and a shift in the way I engage with the world.

I had been to different yoga classes over the years, hoping I would love it, as I was aware of yoga's many benefits.  Each of the classes left me uninspired and uninterested, thinking simply: "yoga is just not for me".  

Then I took one of Robin's classes. I was immediately drawn in, not so much to the movement and poses, but to Robin's messages of how we use yoga to stay present and open in our lives--off the mat.  Eight months later, I am a faithful follower of Robin.   My body is stronger and more flexible and I have come to love and crave the postures.  Mostly, I love that my mind and my heart are more fully aligned, and with an acute awareness of “just being”.  Thank you, Robin, for sharing your gift!”

- Rona F.

A beautiful share

"I took my friend Robin Giacomo’s class again today after not having been since September.  I have missed her and I had somehow forgotten how fantastic her classes are.  In addition to having a brilliant mind and being a spectacular person, she is really deep in her knowledge of the body, inner and outer, and it feels like you are treating yourself to take her class.  So glad to have started a rainy, chilly day off right.  Taking my inspiration to finally sit down and write up my final test class.  Something about this morning also seems to have affirmed this path in my life."
-Lisa L.

Mary O.

“Robin is gracious, humble, genuine and grounded - yet one of the most inspirational yoga instructors I have ever had the pleasure of practicing with.   My first class with Robin moved me to tears several times, in addition to providing me with a substantial workout. Even though I have been practicing with her for a while now, she still has the ability move me to tears with her words and her wonderful energy. She takes the real lessons that she is learning in life and combines them with a practice that inspires and speaks to us all. Her classes are a safe haven where students feel comfortable and secure no matter their skill level. She's got a smile that is contagious and she shares in generously with everyone in her class.

She is clearly connected to the earth, but after one of her classes, one feels light, inspired and ready to take on whatever the day brings.  Walking out of a class with Robin, my body feels open, my mind feels clearer and my spirit soars. I just love her teaching style.  She has a gift that she shares with those around her, and I feel blessed and lucky to have her as my yoga instructor every Friday. She truly makes my life better by practicing with her.”

-Mary O.

Jennifer B.

"Working with Robin privately is a truly wonderful experience. Her yoga sessions are inspirational, spiritual and transformational. In addition to being an excellent yoga instructor, Robin is nurturing and encouraging, and she works as much on inner development as she does on flexibility, strength and breathing. I always leave our sessions feeling invigorated yet relaxed, and confident with my connection to myself, my children and the world."

-Jennifer B.