gROw Yoga

"You are my teacher. My friend. My inspiration. My mentor. The real deal! Go girl! You’re on the path. Walking the Talk. And I can’t wait to sit next to you again and share who we are and how we both know how to heal and come back to Self. God. Truth. One. I love you. I so do!"
-Twee Merrigan, globally recognized senior teacher and trainer of Prana Vinyasa™ and named by Yoga Journal as a Yoga Journal Influencer (#yjinfluencer)

"Robin's yoga class is like going to the spa for your soul. It nourishes the mind, body and spirit - so that we can take that positive energy back into our homes."
– Mary Olson-Menzel, President and Founder of MVP and Development and founder of Yoga for a Cure

gROw Yoga stems from Robin’s desire to provide like-hearted individuals a sacred space to put their bodies into awkward shapes, enliven those shapes with breath, and explore what it feels like to be okay – really okay .
A gROw Yoga class draws primarily on the teachings of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, storytelling, themes, and Robin’s studentship and seasoned life.
gROw Yoga’s intention is that the experience rejuvenates a connection with our deepest essence, creating a sense of balance and confidence that we can bring to our families, loved ones, neighbors, and beyond.

All levels of experience are welcomed. Please come gROw with us!

**Our new venue is St. John's Church (4 Fountain Square, Larchmont NY)!**

WHERE:  St. John's Church, 4 Fountain Square, Larchmont NY (downstairs in Undercroft)
WHEN:    FRIDAYS  9:30-10:45 AM
FEE:         $20/class
PARKING: Linden Avenue